68% Increase in Business

shoesFor years now I have been saying that for every negative thing that happens there is an equal positive force if you can only find it.  Well, today I read that GM is closing over a thousand of its dealerships.  Tonight I went to a wedding rehearsal and the groom who is in the shoe repair business near NC State University told me that their shoe repair business is up 68%.  He said that people are no longer throwing away their $110 shoes, they are having new heels put on and having their shoes resoled.  That is the most refreshing news that I have heard in months. OK, it is a stretch from many thousands of people involved with GM losing their jobs and one fellow saying their little business is doing so well. My point is that good things are happening all over America but you will never read about them in our newspaper and you will never hear about them on the evening news. As they say, good news doesn’t sell. God knows that America needs to get on the road to recovery and quickly so let it begin with this one little story and let it grow and grow.


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