A Bonus or a Raise?

Art Fettig on Greed

…stupidity, greed and mismanagement…

Now that the government has laid billions of dollars on some of the banks and lending organizations as bail outs we are starting to discover that several of them have divided up some of that money as bonuses for some of the top dogs. These are the same people who’s stupidity, greed and mismanagement have led the organizations and possibly this nation to near financial ruin. If that is what it takes to earn a bonus then I have been functioning all wrong all of my life. I guess if you cornered one of those recipients and say, “This doesn’t make sense,” they would just gloat and reply, “No, but for me it makes dollars.”

How did so many of our corporate leaders get to this point where they have so little use for what is right and decent and necessary for the success and longevity of an organization? Did this happen overnight or have they suffered from a creeping lust for profits at any cost? Damn the workers, damn the government, damn them all, let’s show some profits even if they don’t exist because coming up, “IT’S BONUS TIME!”

Perhaps we are approaching Pay Back Time in America. I only hope we find a way to get those b——- to pay back the millions they have stolen from those corporate coffers.

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