A Morning At The Drop Off Center

handsRecently I made a presentation at a Day Care Center for Seniors. I spent about an hour with the group and when I finished they headed in to get ready for lunch. I noticed a few folks who were not in the session. The patients special needs are taken care of constantly and before I departed I made sure I had spent a bit of time with those other folks too. One man was ninety three and very, very sharp. We talked about a 60 Minute TV Show that had a couple of segments on aging over 90. He was really fun to visit with. Next I visited with a gentlemen who had been a cook in the U.S. Navy for seven years.  I shared with him the days I spent aboard an LST (Landing Ship Troops) going from Japan to Korea on a mock invasion of North Korea and how nothing very exciting happened but the food was fantastic. He said to me, “You know, that was probably the happiest period of my entire life. “Finally I visited with a former school Superintendent. He said he was sorry he missed my presentation but they had him busy with a heavy exercise session. Most members of this group have different reasons for attending. Some have dementia and other early stages of Alzheimer.  Somehow I make an effort to connect with everyone including the caregivers in some special way. Music got to some of them.  I had a doo-wop song I had written and that we had on CD and that really got to three ladies in the group and they were contributing by joining in the doo-wop background. Different strokes for different folks but as I climbed in my Ford Escape for my journey home I had a genuine smile on my face that was so wide I think it went all the way down to my toes. May God Bless America and bring the whole world a lasting peace. 

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