A Season of Renewal

Photo by Trent Yarnell

I was looking through some of my older poems just recently and came upon the following. Somehow it sounded like something we might think about today.

A Season of Renewal
(c) Art Fettig

Perhaps the greatness of America is seasonal in nature.
And far too long, we, as a nation,
Have languished through a sleepy summer to a fall.

Now, our President reminds us of the cold, hard truth
That winter is upon us and we must get back to work with gusto,

If we are to survive — and thrive.

Now, as we brave the frigid, bitter truth, we are reminded
That America was once truly “One Nation Under God,”
And now we must return to Godlike conduct,
As we relearn the truth that there is dignity in work
And pride in doing well.

So as we strive together, struggling, making sacrifice,
Renewing our commitment to our country — to our fellow man
And to ourselves,
We will witness, yes, we will witness the rebirth
Of the greatness that is America.

Spring will come once more to our land
And with it hope, with liberty, justice and opportunity for all.

For that is America.

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