Art Fettig as “Almost Andy”

I’m sitting here at my computer in my spacious office and in the doorway, my wife Jean has hung up my white shirt and my Almost Andy seersucker jacket. We have some wonderful Almost Andy Adventures planned for the next few weeks. There is a fifteen minute presentation in Raleigh appearing on a program with our two North Carolina Gubernatorial Candidates; a visit to Roanoke Island and The Lost Colony to watch a wonderful play; and then later in the month a presentation I call “An Afternoon With Almost Andy” where I will talk and perform and even sign a few books at the Orange County Library here in Hillsborough, NC.  I look at each one of these events as a special adventure. They are all new experiences and I plan to treasure each one of them. Perhaps you have a pretty well locked in schedule for your life.  Maybe your job is repetitive and there is no way to tell one day from another, or a week or a month or even years.  Maybe you are locked in to a social life as well.  And perhaps your vacations seem to be a whole like all of the others. Well, right now I am searching for different stuff, new events and experiences and opportunities. I’ve had my fill with sameness.  So, let the parade begin but let it be a different parade, maybe led with a great Dixieland band down a street I’ve never seen before.

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