Airline Fares

I’ve been reading those airline reduced fares and they are very tempting.  There are so many wonderful places here in the U.S. to visit.  Over the years I have given talks in all of our fifty states and although the audiences have been different in many ways they were all Americans.  I’ve given talks for Pest Control professionals and school principals.  Police Chiefs and yes I have given talks in prisons too. I’ve invaded the petrol industry, the power industry, the schools, the soap and cereal and soft drink industries, the automotive and pharmaceutical and chemical industries and so many different government branches that it might make your head spin.  Yes, the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and the politicians too.  Been there, done that and did it again too and what I have discovered is that All America is so beautiful and I have met so many wonderful, intelligent, efficient and loving, dedicated people. It sure makes one wonder why we can’t do a better job in picking our representatives in Washington.  May God bless America and keep her troops from harm.

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