And the flow goes on – Art Fettig Talks About the BP Oil Spill

BP's stock has gone into the tank. BP's credibility is less than zero.

BP’s stock has gone into the tank. BP’s credibility is less than zero.

The BP Oil Spill – It is Friday afternoon and BP just announced that the current flow of oil into the Gulf is double  that earlier estimated.  And you know something, that is just what I predicted would happen.  I read their lips correctly, they were lying. And you know something else?  It would not surprise me at all if, come another week or two, BP will make another announcement that the flow of oil previously announced appears to be double that announced today.  BP’s stock has gone into the tank.  BP’s credibility is less than zero.  I cannot understand why our government hasn’t someone qualified to go to the scene of the crime and measure just how much oil is gushing into the Gulf. BP”s president sold off a third of his BP stock earlier this month.  He is still enjoying that fantastic raise he received for the way he cut back costs last year and he has a tidy bonus in his pocket too.  When I put a few of these facts together I get a slimy feeling all over at the needless deaths of those BP workers and the humungus destruction of lives and of nature caused by a combination of unsafe attitudes, unsafe actions and the continuing propaganda that went along with these underwater wells for so long.  I don’t doubt that they were safe but somehow with irresponsible leadership, politically inspired government failures at oversight and no doubt, mountains of corruption BP and our government has managed to screw the whole thing up far beyond anyone’s imagination.

Now as President Obama postures with a bullhorn in hand saying he is looking for the right ass to kick I suggest he start with his own and then work his way up and down the halls of the senate, congress and then keep on kicking those millions of bureaucrats and payola experts who keep our government malfunctioning. It is time for a good ass kicking all around.

Remember people, safety pays.  Unsafety can destroy the world.


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