Photo by Tina Rataj-Berard

Aren’tchaglad you’re not working in Washington, D.C. right now? Aren’tcha?

And aren’tchaglad you’re not a commentator on one of those TV news shows where they line up a mess of broadcasters or so called experts and they all talk at the same time?

Aren’tchaglad? Huh?

And aren’tchaglad life is so sweet that you never ever learned how to Tweet? Oh yes, aren’tchaglad?

Yes, aren’tchaglad sometimes that you have a delete on your cell phone or on your computer and you can go Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete and, that easy, there is no breaking news at all to deal with because too many times it turns out to be disgusting or even heart breaking.

Aren’tchaglad? ¬†Well I am.

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