Aunt Jean

Art and Jean Fettig

Art and Jean Fettig

My wife, Jean, just celebrated her 82nd birthday and the cards and candy and flowers and phone calls and the messages on Facebook – they were inspiring.

Some of those messages written on the cards were so sweet they might make a grown man cry.

I’ve noticed that some folks without even a hint of kin have takin’ to calling her “Aunt Jean.”  Like, “Aunt Jean sez.”  No doubt, her sayings will soon start showing up on those Quote sights.

I can just see them now.  “Aunt Jean sez take out the garbage.” Or maybe, “Aunt Jean says it is time for me to go to the dump.”  I hear that one a lot lately, especially when I don’t go there right away.

In truth Jean can be the sweetest, most caring, patient, attentive, consoling, hardworking, dedicated, generous, kind, soft-spoken, genial, loving woman on this earth.

On the other hand— Oh, I was just kiddin’.  There ain’t no other hand. Let’s just leave it the way it is and I’ll say this.

I sure do love that woman.

My Mama didn’t raise no fool.

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