Be Your Own Jobs Czar. Hire somebody!

...they believe they must hold back and put off any new hiring at this time.

I saw on TV that somebody has suggested that President Obama fire our Jobs Czar.  I didn’t know America had a Job Czar where has he been hiding out? Pour soul. He might not even know he got the job.

They are calling it the weakest job recovery rate in American History and what if I suggested that the reason for this lies with each and every one of us in America?  I didn’t buy a new home to pep up the construction industry; I didn’t buy a new American built car to beef up the auto sales; no new road in front of my home; I didn’t really help the tourism industry in the U.S. No new wardrobe, I’m wearing mostly clothes I have worn before. I didn’t hire anyone new.  When it comes to products and people I guess you could call me a low end user.  Nobody asked me to do any of these things to help the American job recovery. No one suggested that it might be patriotic. I have heard and read so much doom and gloom that for no real financial reason I seem to be cutting back on my spending, not that there has ever been a whole lot of that.

I think I am like some key executives in big American corporations which at this time are really thriving.  Instead of spending some of their growing profits they are just building up cash reserves.  They have been hearing and reading that same brand of negative thinking…that gloom and doom reporting and they believe they must hold back and put off any new hiring at this time.  Besides, nobody has suggested to them that it might be patriotic to increase their work force and invest some of their profits and cash accumulation for the good of America.  A healthier American economy would be good for all of us.

I think that today far too many Americans are suffering from their own personal depression. I believe that far too much fear has invaded our lives.  I guess it has been about two years now that I have noticed the media explaining to us in almost any situation just what it is that we have to fear.  Listen for that phrase, “What we have to fear about this is….”  Fill in your own topic.  What we have to fear is etc, etc, etc. Horse droppings!

Enough! Enough!

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