Better Safety Meetings in 2010

Order by calling 800-441-7676

Order by calling 800-441-7676

The entire audience was hissing the speaker except for one man.  He was applauding the hissing.  Does this sound like your last safety meeting?  Oh, if this could have been your last safety meeting, but no, there is another one staring you right in the face. If there is one thing I have learned in my career,  it is that if you want to have great safety meetings then you must first make a commitment to that goal. Next you have to learn how to communicate. If you are mumbling to the group don’t expect positive results. Why not start the year by working on your communication skills?  Many years ago I wrote a little book modestly titled “World’s Greatest Safety Meeting Idea Book.”  Safety people loved it. Many carried it around with them on the road and thousands kept it on top of their desk for instant reference. Then I wrote another book titled More Great Safety Meeting Ideas.  That book was really popular too and so when safety people complained to me that they didn’t know how to sell their workers or their management their safety ideas I wrote a book on Selling Safety.  We published a number of printings of that book too and then one day I started thinking big and I put those three books together and added yet another one for good measure titled The Quest Continues.  The quest I was referring to was that continuing quest for the golden goose egg, zero injuries.
We titled the book Winning the Safety Commitment and it is a hefty 400 plus pages.

What sort of benefits might you gain from reading this book?  First you will learn how to break down an audiences resistance to you and your message. I discovered it by doing several thousand talks traveling to all of our 50 United States and all of the Provinces in Canada. I spoke to groups as small as three people on up to over eight thousand. Chapters are bite size so you can read one a day if you prefer. We offer a money back guarantee and not one has ever been returned. If I was a corporate safety leader I would see that everyone that had the responsibility for safety meetings had one on their desk right now. The book sells for just $29.95 plus $7 Shipping & handling in the U.S. It takes four pages just to list the contents of the book. The Union president of an electrical union at one of the top Power Corporations spent ten minutes praising this book before a meeting of several hundred management and labor.

Why am I making such a strong pitch for the book right now?  Because it just grieves me to think about all of those lost work hours wasted at ineffective safety meetings. If you have questions call me at 1-800 441 7676.  The book is loaded with stories and techniques you will use for the rest of your life.  Once I learned to really communicate my income soared.  Believe me, or if you don’t believe me then buy the book and prove that I’m wrong.  I’ll be happy to return your money if you try it and fail to improve your safety meetings, your attitude, the attitudes of those you work with and your speaking skills.

I promise, I won’t pitch the book this hard again.  If your organization does not provide you with funds to buy such items then dig into your pocket and invest in your future. Believe me, I paid for my own self-improvement most of the time. I paid my own way to conventions too.  And now as I look back on it I believe I was paid back for such investments a hundred fold in my career. Nuff sed. We take credit card orders too. My e-mail is but do it right now so you can help you make a greater difference in this world.

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