Beyond a Mid-Life Crises

Art Fettig as ‘Almost Andy’ with one of his many fans.

Since I retired from the railroad industry some twenty eight years ago next week I guess you cannot call what I am going through right now a mid life crisis.  But what should I call it? “An end of life crisis.”? Oh no you don’t. I’m not thinking about slowing down and giving up, I am thinking about revving up my engines and heading out into the deeper waters.  I had such a great time this past few weeks going out on the road and doing a conference keynote speech in the power industry that I find myself asking, “Why not do this more often, Art?”

Being Almost Andy is mostly about riding around in parades and shaking hands and posing for pictures and it ain’t all that bad, but getting out there with a mike in my hand and doing a full hour and having that audience with me all the way and then having just about everyone that was in that room coming up during the day and telling me how much my words meant to them, well that was really special because that was because of me, not because I happen to look almost like Andy Griffith.

It is difficult to describe the joy of touching people’s lives.

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