BooksFor most of my life I have been a book nut. When I go to a yard sale I’m a real sucker for a stack of used books. I’ve got seven book cases in my office and music room combined and they don’t come anywhere near holding the books I have around here. There is always another stack accumulating. It’s like they are breeding. I keep threatening a major purge but every time I go on a clean up kick, I find that instead it had turned into a reading binge instead. For months I have been trying to get rid of my Ultimate Visual Dictionary of Science. It weighs a ton. 448 pages of illustrated knowledge that would be a real gem to someone interested in that stuff. I picked it up for a dollar at a yard sale and I buy books like that now and then just thinking I might run into someone who would treasure it and I’d make a gift of it. Of course, now, most of the stuff in that book can be found at your fingertips online. There is that big Picasso art book over there in the corner just drawing dust. Another dollar investment. I’ve tried four times to give that sucker away.

Some days I get so desperate for space that I tell myself that I’m going to purge every book that is more than an inch thick. I’ve got some thick joke books here and I can search through hundreds of pages and not find one joke I think is funny any longer. Maybe it’s me? Well, I’ve got to get on with it. Lookout Goodwill, I will be headed your way with a load of books to contribute. I hope I will anyway. My intentions are firm.

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