Boredom is self inflicted.

“What is happening, Man?”  In my youth I had been known to use that phrase.  And the correct response was “Ain’t no happenings, Man!”  We figured that was pretty cool and that goes back to the year 1946.  Not only has the word “cool” survived as popular slang but the concept that there is just nothing to do still seems to be prevalent among a few of our youth today.  Over the years I discovered that the world and its people did not have an obligation to constantly entertain me.  Boredom is self inflicted.  Whenever I hear the expression, “There is nothing to do,” my immediate response is, “There is everything to do, you just aren’t doing it.”

So let me ask you, do you really find your job exciting and rewarding?  If not then today is a great day to look at how you have been doing your job.  If it is boring then, just maybe, it is because you just haven’t been doing it right. Now is the time to enlist everyone you work with in a program to produce zero injuries. Let’s get on with it!

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