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Sometimes when I get mad at a big corporation I forget that there are a lot of fantastic, wonderful, caring people who work for that organization.  Perhaps you have done that in the past too.  I remember doing some presentations for Exxon at Baytown back when we were all upset with that oil spill in Alaska.  I got pretty close to some wonderful people who worked for Exxon and I shared some of their sadness because of the way people in their community were treating them as individuals because they happened to work for an organization that was temporarily in disfavor by the world it seemed.  I wrote a little poem about Exxon People and shared it with my audiences.  As I recall it, someone asked for a copy and it went to the local newspaper and even one of the preachers at a local church included the poem in his sermon.

I guess it is easier to kick somebody when they are down.  I just want to say that I have worked for BP in the past and I have met some wonderful, caring, dedicated people who work hard doing their job and make important contributions to the community in which they live.  This must be a tough time for all of them and I want them to know that they are in my prayers. I wish BP success in the future because, lets face it, if they are to make good on their promises to those who suffer then they will have to be around to fulfill them.

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  1. Hi Art:

    This accident of BP’s may turn out to be a blessing in disguise on several levels. At the very least, we have exposed to industry, many, many people who have given some thought to the process of oil/water separation. I hope we see a spin-off of technologies that can be used in many places around the world. We will have learned how to manipulate a well head at 5000 ft depth. We will have to learn bio-remediation techniques for deep and mid ocean, bio-remediation for coastlines including sand beaches, marsh and wetlands. At the very least, this BP accident will push the world closer to the end-stage with oil. The folks at BP were simply the unlucky ones to have had this catalyitic accident. I hope they come out stronger and better for it.

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