Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

My wife, Jean and I visited an Apple Computer Store over at the Streets of Southpoint Mall.  We were already sold on the computer and Jean was choosing options when she had to choose between a Track Pad and a Magic Mouse.  Jean said she wanted the Mouse. I noticed our guide, Larry Gage’s eyes light up, he smiled and  he asked softly, “Can we talk?”  He held the Track Pad in his hand and went on to demonstrate this amazing tool and what it could do.  I could just see the late Steve Jobs first introducing this item to their sales force.  It was so powerful, so full of potential that it might have made his whole body shake. What a breakthrough!

Oh I wish somebody, anybody in Washington could visit our President and our Congress and our Senate and say to all of them, “Can we talk?”  And then talk with all of them about the wonderful dream that is America. About their jobs and what is expected of them.  All of them.  “Can we talk?”  And if the answer is “No.” them May God Help America.

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  1. I agree the Aha selections are great! We are all busy and you lead us to relevant topics. Thanks!

  2. Art – Please keep the “Aha” section with your selection from the “ted” site. They are very interesting. Rich

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