The world needs more celebrations like this.

I had a wonderful corporate date earlier this week and I was dressed in my seersucker Matlock jacket and I did some comedy on not being Andy Griffith and it was mostly fun but I started my program by doing a very poor imitation of the band Rare Earth celebrating their all time hit song with the lyrics that said, “I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah.  Another day of living.  I just want to celebrate another day of life. And the world goes around and around and around and around.  And the meeting was a special Bar B Q luncheon with all the fixins to celebrate a really special safety record.  So often, in my long career as a professional speaker I was called in following a tragedy. I was always thrilled when some wonderful organizations brought me in just to celebrate the fact that all of their workers were whole and alive and able to celebrate another year of safe working.  The world needs more celebrations like this.  We need more occasions to celebrate life and it sure was a thrill for Almost Andy to join in then fun.

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