Will I learn?  Will I survive?

Will I learn? Will I survive?

Many years ago I did a number of talks for top corporations for the National Management Association. One of the little items in my talks was that everything you learn in college will be obsolete in ten years. Then some years later I gave some talks to students at Notre Dame and suggested that just maybe most of the stuff they were learning that day could be obsolete when they graduated. We just installed a new computer and I have come to the conclusion that I am finally and totally obsolete. It is a sad discovery I’ve taken the leap from Windows 3 to Windows 7 and landed flat on my ….(You guessed it, my arse.) Everyone warned me away fro Windows 8. I’m having just little problems, like I can’t find anything and wonder if it transferred and what I do find I can’t edit or print or make work ,and my ability to learn new things was always questionable but now there are no questions about. I have reached a new level of denseness. I’m tempted to put on a Dunce Cap and a sign that says, “Obsolete” and just sit in the corner of the room on my stool and sulk.

Will I learn? Will I survive? Give me a month I will get the sound on and the printer doing its job if kills me.

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