The 38th Parallel Photo from the National Archives

The 38th Parallel
Photo from the National Archives

Some time ago I began the challenging project of writing down the dates of events in my life.  I know that some people record most of their families dates of birth, death, marriages and such.  I have captured a lot of that stuff in my list. Then I added my work history. It goes on and on. Memorable event. Today I ran into some stuff on Operation Feint. That was the day we made that mock invasion of North Korea. It was October 15, 1952 and I was aboard LST Bellatrix.  We moved to Kojo, North Korea, 39 miles North of the 38th parallel  and…and…and well, we almost landed at Kojo but this was Operation Feint. It was just something to confuse the enemy and the most confused of all were the troops aboard that LST. They down loaded a couple of landing craft and one MIG Korean fighter plane swooped down on us and fired but there was no damage. Then we reloaded our little craft and departed from that coastal area. The operation ended and we moves south and spent about a month before returning Japan. Not a big entry in my Chronology but if you enter enough of them then in a while you can draw up an awful lot of your past in a hurry, some good, some bad but all a tiny speck in life’s big adventure.

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