It was at that meeting that I truly became a professional speaker.

After 9/11 there was a crashing sound heard all over America and it was the sudden fall in the number of National and State meetings being held and in the number of attendees.  I encourage you to attend all of the State and National and even the local meetings held in your field of endeavor and attend some that are outside of your field as well.  Networking with others in your field can well mean the measure of your success in any endeavor you get involved in.  I remember attending the first general meeting of the National Speakers Association.  I had been the closing speaker at the Phoenix Summer Sales Seminar conducted by Cavett Roberts at the Camelback Hotel in Phoenix Arizona and we walked across the hall from that meeting to the NSA meeting and I truly tell you that my life has never been the same. It was at that meeting that I truly became a professional speaker.

My mind was like a sponge and I was a sopping up a wealth of precious information that would ultimately double my income and present me with a future that was packed full of a variety of rewards.

So get out there, attend and participate and network with people and follow up and expand your horizons.

Oh yes. One thing.  Most of the time I paid for my own travel, my attendance fees and other expenses. I invested in myself not expecting my employer to do so. It works.

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