Creativity and Teamwork

artBack in 1976 I had the honor of  presenting at the Creative Problem Solving Institute at Buffalo University with my friend and sometimes partner Herb True PhD on the topic Humor and Creativity. There were dozens of concurrent sessions going on and at one on teamwork I found myself on a team with four other participants and we had to come up with a project of our own and see if we might complete it within the hour. I remember writing a poem in just a few moments. A woman who did some calligraphy took my poem and with her talent in full bloom created a beautiful rendering on some paper that was available and then we discovered we had an artist in our group who took our project to a table that provided some artists supplies and in no time she had made our rendering a lovely work of art. Meanwhile the one other gentleman in our team had taken some pieces of wood and cut out a frame and in no time we had a really worthwhile creation. The last member of our team looked at our work and without hesitation she tacked a wire on the back of the frame and we all joined her as we found a vacant spot on the wall and she hung up our work for inspection.

There were no prizes at that session but I know that I felt well rewarded for my efforts. There is real power in teamwork and everyone brings something to the table. Demonstrate the need and you will soon find rare talents in others that sometimes even they are not aware of.

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