A Dimmed Point of View

Asked to describe my point of view I might reply “Dimmed.”  There is a whole lot right now that is going on in this world and I haven’t a clue.  Now if you asked me what I thought about The Abortion Bill I would say I think we ought to pay it.  Or The Cambodian Position, I’d say I never tried it. But if you asked me about Trump and the Russian’s messing with the Election I might say, “I thought the election was over.”

I used to figure I was pretty well out of it when it came to current affairs but now I must admit that I’m all the way out of it.  It seems so useless to follow the news today when there is so much misreporting and lying going on. In 1936 there was a hit song by Fats Walters titled “It’s a sin to take a lie.”  I was seven years old then and somehow it was ingrained into my subconscious mind. I feel lost when I listen to commercials. I no longer read any of them online. When I try to pull up a news story I get so many commercials that it is just about impossible to actually read a story and when I do I find the Lead or teaser that led me to consider reading the story actually was a big lie. Pure unadulterated B.S.  It wasn’t really a “jaw dropping” story at all but a ho hum waste of time.  When asked if I am over the hill I respond, “What hill?” and if someone follows up I realize that it really isn’t worth a hill of beans.

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