Enough Good Sense

When it rains sometimes I look out my big window and I think, “Gee, I’m glad I don’t have to be out there working in that stuff.” Then comes the idea of Gene Kelly on a rainy day in Paris and the rain came and he danced in the streets and kicked the rain and sang a song I will never forget named Singing in the Rain.

Ben Franklin then came to mind and his discovering the electricity in lightening and using a key on a kite. I bet he stood out in the rain many a time working on that project but he came up with the Lightening Rod and wrote his name in the books of wisdom. And then I barely recalled a poem I had written one night when I went for a walk in the rain and with the miracle of my computer and a little item named Search I found the poem I wrote after that experience. Here it is.

A Purification
(c) Art Fettig

It was raining and I was running.
You know, trying to get out of it
Into the cool dry…
When suddenly, I stopped and I let it happen.
And the rain came down by the cloudfulls all over me
And somehow, it seemed to wash away my years.
I was twelve years old and I wanted an Al Kaline bat
And a Beachboy’s towel and a new record by the Blue Magoos.
I didn’t care about the price of gas or about Syria or Afganastan
Or about my aching knees or anything.
I hope it rains again tonight.

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