Filling Space

One thing though about these special moments, these turning points. You have to be open to them.

When I approached this newsletter this morning there was this big blank space where an article was supposed to be and suddenly I had this weird impulse to just skip over to one of the books I am currently working on and dropping a whole book into this slot.  Or perhaps I might make an attachment and share with you one of the sixty or so songs of mine that we have recorded.  I could slip a photo from one of my photo books or make an attachment of a DVD of a live safety seminar or a CD of a humor program. Believe me, I have about a hundred of anything you’d care to see or read or listen to, but do you think that any of it would make one iota of difference in your life? Probably not.  Profound differences in one’s life come only when you are ready for them.  It is so wonderful when the right person or the right idea comes along at that right moment and there is a turning point when everything from that instant on gets better.  Sometimes is it a book or maybe just a quote.  For me it was a second hand beat up record by Earl Nightingale titled The Strangest Secret.  Next it was the moment I walked up two flights of stairs and attended my first A.A. meeting.  That was February 13th, 1961, some 49 years ago and I have not had a drink since then.

I have been blessed with so many life changing moments in my life and I treasure them.  That day I met my wife, Jean, on the Internet. That day Herb True, a professional speaker and professor at Notre Dame asked me to write for him.  The meeting I had with that soon to be railroad president and he allowed me to break away from a no future job and work full time developing my skills and special talents.

One thing though about these special moments, these turning points.  You have to be open to them. You have to listen.  And of course, you have to do a lot of selling and you must take some chances too but that is what a good life is all about.  I hope you have one of those life changing moments in your life in the very near future.  The world needs a talent like yours in full bloom. – Art Fettig

2 thoughts on “Filling Space

  1. I love the picture of the arrow…. I might be making “turning points”, but it’s nice to know I’m heading in a forward direction.

  2. I think a lot of those moments come to all of us, yet it’s how we recognize these “moments” and then act on them, responding to that “moment”. I have a feeling many pass unrecognized and opportunities are lost.. for a variety of reasons. We all need to look for them, acknowlege them and ACT on them. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

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