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We had such a positive response to my article on goal setting which provided you with a Website where you might listen to Earl Nightingale’s powerful message titled The Strangest Secret that I thought I would share with you the second thing that had an impact on my life. I found a copy of Napoleon Hill’s book titled Think and Grow Rich.  You can find a video of Mr. Hill talking about his book at

Raising four children and supporting a wife is no easy job on the meager salary the railroad provided me for doing a job I grew to hate.  Once I got my philosophy, my talents and my performance in line things improved immediately.  I have heard so many of my friends say that this book, Think and Grow Rich played a huge part in their financial success.  I was born just months before the start of The Great Depression and I guess I was born thinking like a poor man. This book helped me see possibilities and I started working on them.
If you are working on your goals for 2012, I encourage you to go to this Website and learn a bit about developing the right mind set.
While you are on Youtube at the above site look around and listen to a few of the other sites listed. One thought to consider, listen to these powerful ideas again and again until they become your own.
Success is a mind set, a habit and if you are like me you will be amazed at how exciting life can become.  I didn’t quit my job and go running away. What I did is envision the job I would like to have and then I persuaded top management into creating this new job just for me.  Sure, it took a lot of guts and passion and persuasion and patience but, once again, I set my goals and watched them become reality.
I sure hope that something I say in this newsletter might have a positive impact on some reader’s future.  Right now, America is in real need of an army of people with positive attitudes willing to make good things happen.  Will you be one of those people in 2012?  It is up to you and me.

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