penI’ve been staring at what WAS this blank space in my newsletter questioning if there was yet something I hadn’t said when I suddenly realized what a wonderful thing that blank space really was. For too long I have just taken it for granted. There it was, waiting for me to fill up with my thoughts, my dreams, my memories. I could use it in most any way I wanted within some reasonable boundaries. There are some “Thou Shalt Nots.” I should avoid inciting readers to rioting or killing or such but for the most part I enjoy the freedom of speech here today in America.  I am free to speak my thoughts and then click on “Send now” and words will be sent out to the thousand or so readers of this newsletter. In some parts of the world that is not so. In China, for instance, I might be executed for sharing what is on my mind.  In many other places I might be jailed.  And so I treasure that blank space I find each week and I go to sometimes great efforts to fill that space with something useful. There is truly an abundance of blank space available to everyone that might be reading this newsletter right now. Most of you can just take your cursor and click on “Write” and in just a few moments you can be in touch of most of those people you know. Chances are you have a pretty good address book at your fingertips.  Just think, you have the power to be writing to a distanced loved one right this instant saying, “Forgive me”  or maybe “I was wrong” or “I’m Sorry!”  Or maybe you might just say “I love you.”  What about “Can we still be friends again?”  With Facebook and a dozen other sites it might be even easier for you, and they too will allow you an abundance of blank space.

I challenge you to try it, right now.  Or what about “Thank you from the bottom of my heart”?  You figure it out and let me know how it all turned out.   Positively, Art

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