Funerals.  Am I kidding, funerals are something that is good about America?  Sure.  My wife, Jean’s sister just passed on and I watched Jean go to work with our niece and in just a couple of days, with the help of some others, they put together a really nice funeral.  The music was great, the service at the funeral parlor chapel was tasteful and interesting. The ladies gathered up some fifty or so photos of the deceased and  video person turned them into a wonderful video depicting the life of the deceased.  It was a great gathering of relatives and friends and the graveside service at the Old Bluff Cemetery was just right. What moves me most was the singing of Amazing Grace with three key changes.  Those key changes really inspire me and I feel that I am moving upwards along with the music. Well done, everyone.  May God bless America and keep our troops out of harms way.

One thought on “Funerals

  1. You end a lot of what you dole out with “May God Bless America and keep our troops out of harms way.” While I share your sentiment, why not God Blees this entire planet, or the whole world? Why only bless America? While it is one of the best places on the planet to live, there are many other places that need our blessings, as well as, the troops from other countries that are fighting side by side with our troops.

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