Gallery of Memories

booksI recently dedicated the inside wall of my office to hanging photos of those who have most influenced my life. It started out with one photo and then two and right now it holds about twenty-five. I have started putting this collection together and organizing a book titled Touching Lives. My life has been so blessed with wonderful friends and mentors, teachers and associates throughout my career. This has been a real eye-opening experience for me.  Names keep popping up that I have overlooked. Names  I’d forgotten or  what they have done for me that truly influenced my career for the better. I’ve made a number of efforts to paste my  past together such as a chronological list of the events in my past. Many of my books include material about different times in my speaking and writing career and some of my fiction books include instances of things that happened, or that I wished had happened. It is strange how many kind deeds from others you might encounter as you walk down memory lane.

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