Getting Involved

And then there are the rest of us who have to be cornered, trapped into chores....

Did you ever notice how some people seem to be involved in just about anything that needs doing? Whether it is at work or church or the schools their children attend, they just have a habit of saying “yes”.

And then there are the rest of us who have to be cornered, trapped into chores and we somehow fail to have the right spirit about such things. Here is a poem that I found in my file. I had this habit of writing special poems for the people in an audience. Evidently I was speaking for a group of doers and I tried to capture their spirit. You know something I learned watching them? Doers, givers, those who busy up their lives making this a better world seem to be the healthiest, happiest people in the world. Avoiding all that doing brings unhappiness and makes a person plum unhealthy. Thing about it…And GET ER DONE!

© Art Fettig

The problems of the world are resolved
By people who bother getting involved.
If you want to be happy then take off your coat.
Pitch in! Get busy! Start rocking the boat!
Get involved! Dive in, the water’s just fine.
Total involvement’s more heady than wine.
Sound off! Go on! Say what you’re thinking!
Write it down! Shout it! Start those eyes a blinking!
Wake up! Do something! Greet life with a smile!
This getting involved is what makes life worthwhile.

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