Getting Them Up To Snuff

Basic courtesy might help…

Did you ever think that just maybe those folks in Washington, DC just might not be up to the job we elected them for?  When I was transferred from the 7th Cav. at Sapparo, Japan, over to the 99th Field Artillery in Chitose, they discovered the first day that I was not yet trained for my new job and so they immediately shipped me over to the Japanese Naval Academy at Eta Jima for a quick course to get me up to snuff.  I went to the same school as Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who was in command of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.The U..S.  Army had turned the academy into a training school.

Now if we were to carefully examine the performance of our current legislators and their leader and then take a good look at that new batch going in we might do well to send them all to some crash courses to enhance their performance in the coming sessions.

What about leadership for those at the top?  Or finance? Team buildling?  I’d send everyone in Washington, DC to a good course on Ethics.  Conversation 101 is an essential to 99% of them because for a long long time they haven’t been talking with one another. Basic courtesy might help some but maybe that would be asking too much.   I know they haven’t bothered with one for some time but what about a balanced budget?

Following the example of Ben Franklin it would be great if we could equip them all with a big load of common sense too. Perhaps you’d like to suggest some other courses that might prove helpful. It looks like we are headed for another trillion dollar shortfall in the years ahead.

I say, let’s call in the mothers to balance our budget.  So many of them have and are doing a brilliant job of getting by on the puny little paychecks we provide.

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