Getting Things Done

Putting a new book together is a lot like working a crossword puzzle. The only problem is that when you start putting it together you discover that many of the pieces don’t fit together and a lot of them are missing.  Then, for some unknown reason sentences disappear or they reappear somewhere where they have no business to be. I swear that there is this little bug that finds out that I am trying to complete a project and he calls in all of his friends and they go to work on my project and mess it up in a dozen different ways.  I keep on fighting through one new problem after another and sometimes, if I am lucky, one day I proofread the entire project and everything seems exactly right.  At that point, if I had any good sense I would immediately send the file off to my printer but no, no, I tell myself to give it all one more go through just to be safe.  At this point, anything might happen.  My computer might get sick.  My printer might refuse to print anything at all.  I will run out of ink.  AOL will shut down and refuse to get back up. 
The combination of my tired eyes, my computer illiteracy, my diminishing patience and a dozen other factors I must not mention in print all make it a downright miracle when something actually gets completed.
So if you find typos, inconsistencies, stupid errors or anything that you find to be incorrect or objectionable then please address your complaints to that little bug and his friends in my computer Me? I’m just doing the best I can under the circumstance.

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