Gotta Be This Or That

Anything else would call for an odds maker.

That is the title of an old romantic ballad and as I explored the web I came up with a site with Judy Garland doing a duet with Frank Sinatra doing that song.

The idea that something must be this or that; hot or cold; right or wrong; lead me to the idea that things just might be safe or unsafe and if they are truly unsafe they should not be tolerated; period! Anything else would call for an odds maker.  How about, there is a fifty percent chance that this will not blow up the plant.  Or, nobody has been killed doing this and we’ve been doing it this way for ten years, so what is the problem?

If we really want to play this life on the safe side then we would not leave home and still we are surrounded with opportunities to get in trouble right in the confides of our homes.

My mind keeps returning to that phrase, “Human error!”  In 1948 when I started working for the railroad in Detroit, Michigan we were able to attribute nearly everything bad that happened in this world to that old devil, “Human Error!”  Now, today, I am more inclined to blame everything bad that happens on… “This or that!”

One thought on “Gotta Be This Or That

  1. Art,
    The idea of something has to be right or wrong, safe or unsafe, ultimately leads to “in the real world” somebody has to make decisions,take responsability and justify the thier decisions morally to themselves,whilefinacial restraints that at the same time justifying financially

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