Hang on!

Roller Coaster - Art FettigYou read it right.  Hang on!  Here we go!  2013 just might be the most exciting, thrilling, unpredictable year that you and I have ever lived through; and that my friend is saying a lot.  What was the best year of your whole life, so far?  And what was the worst?  Well, 2013 could well be either the best or the worst year of your life and, the funny thing is that most of the time, most of us get just what we expect.  I’m looking for a fantastic year. I plan to be healthy this year.  And prosperous. And productive. Entertaining and you might just throw in a few spellbinding performances for good measure.  I plan to make a lot of new friends both online and in person and I expect to shake a mess of hands in parades and such.  I’ll perform in a play and ride in a parade and…oh no, I won’t let the parade pass me bye.  Not this year. We’ll be traveling too. Fun is high on the agenda.  Smiling too, from deep down inside.  No more gloom and doom in our lives.  Welcome to 2013.  I hope it will be the best year of your life so far.

2 thoughts on “Hang on!

  1. Thanks Art for another motivating push into the New Year. Making lots of new friends by “paying it forward” and helping others will make it the best year ever.

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