Hitch Hiking On Ideas

driveFor two weeks now I have been working on an illustrated autobiography and one testimonial letter I found triggered a memory of when, in October 1990, I spoke to Conoco’s most prestigious group of transport drivers at their Million Mile Driver Award Weekend in Orlando at Disney World. That day before my talk I sat down with perhaps a dozen or so drivers individually who had driven at least a million miles without an accident charged against their record. A few drivers had two million and one had three. I was probing for their secrets and when I summed up everything they said it amounted to this one fact. “Just drive.” Oh a few of them brought in other stuff that most safe drivers do but the one constant was this one phrase, “I just drive.” They thought only about their driving, they would not allow a diversion like smoking or eating or a million other diversions to come in the way of their just driving.

From that meeting I created a little booklet titled “You Do What While You Drive?” We published thousands of those for major corporations.  I wrote a song that we recorded titled “Just Drive!” and one day we made a video at a safety meeting of a dozen workers dancing the Lindy to our song.  Here is the lyric…

Just drive, just drive, if you really want to stay alive.
Just drive, just drive, if you really want to stay alive.
Don’t start practicin’ your dental hygiene
Behind the wheel of that drivin’ machine
If you really want to stay alive, just drive, just drive.
Just ‘cause some other driver got you sore
This is not the place to start a war
Don’t act like you’re sufferin’ a mental disease
Goin’ down the highway, steerin’ with your knees

There’s a thousand and one things a fool can do
But, come-on now, don’t let that fool be you.
If you really want to stay alive,
Just Drive, my friend, Just Drive!

Do you see how ideas might work? The opportunity…the interview…the discovery…Just Drive…the booklet…the song…the video… and now this article in my newsletter…

The next step is yours my friends.  Where will you go with it? …

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