Horse Manure and Journalism

ReporterI just made up a new game that I play when I listen to political newscasts. I try hard to play it silently. Whenever a reporter cites an unidentified high level source from anywhere, I say to myself, (Horse Manure!) and I smile. What they are saying is, “I can’t verify this folks, but isn’t it cute or interesting?” Or when a reporter says, “A number of people are asking…” Again I say, “Horse Manure!” That is about the same as saying, “I was just wondering…”

You can use your own retorts. “Horse Manure!” isn’t really mine. I don’t think that there are any standards or ethics or reliability or even much truth involved in many of the alleged news broadcasts today. The news is driven by ratings. High ratings bring in more advertising revenue. I often believe that imagination run wild and rumors just wishes are the basis of many stories. Once you become convinced that it is all a little game that is going on twenty four hours a day ad nauseam you might consider a new hobby to spend your time away from the screen. How about writing a blog?

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