How many?

Jean and I visited Food Lion after a hearty breakfast out and when we entered the store, Jean discovered that she had left her shopping list back home. No problem. She just needed a few things and she remembered most of them. It started raining and so I planned to go out and bring our car to the front of the store but Jean came up to me and said, “I really need your help right now.” She walked with me over to the shelves of bread and pointed to a sign on a top shelf indicating where the Pumpernickel Bread should be located. “Way in the back!” she explained and sure enough, way back on the shelf was one last loaf. I stood on my tip toes and decided that in no way could I reach up and back that far. I took a deep breath and figured that I had to try anyway and so I reached up and stretched. I stretched further than I believed I could and sure enough the tips of my fingers touched the package and I was able to snag it and bring it down. I had an amazed look on my face but I felt proud of what I had achieved.

I sort of strutted out to our car and drove it over to the front door of the store. I thought about that top shelf and my stretching successfully to bring down the bread I love so for breakfast. It dawned on me that I hadn’t attempted a stretch like that one in a long time. I asked myself this question, “How many other achievements have you failed to stretch for in the past few months? How many in the past year? How many failures have you had because you just didn’t stretch enough?

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