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Hymn SingHymn sing. Yes, at our little church on a recent Sunday Morning we celebrated a good old fashioned Hymn Sing. No sermon. No preachin’. It was truly a blessed event because music is a powerful way to convey the Lord’s word. I was truly moved by this blessing. Barbara Younger, the organizer and leader of our Hymn Sing is a gifted author who does wonderful Conversations With The Children. For this Hymn Sing she enlisted the support of many talented members to lead the various segments of this service, with the addition of a marvelous organist and choir director Scott Schlesinger, a fantastic choir, and an active singing congregation. Our inspired children’s choir singing “Moses Saw The Burning Bush” directed and accompanied on the guitar by the composer of this number, Christine Jackle provided an energetic start. For me one of the most inspiring times was when Carolyn Norris invited us to close our eyes and listen to the reading of Psalm 145:8-14 by men of our congregation. ┬áSeated at different locations throughout our church about five different voices read short segments of the Psalm. It was well organized and it flowed and I felt truly a part of this powerful rendition. In the call for praise the leader read: “For the poets and composers throughout the ages who wrote the hymns we sing today.” And the people responded, “Thanks be to God!” And as I add this event to my Wonderful Memories list I too add “For all of those who made this such a memorable spiritual blessing for me and I add, Thanks be to God.

May God bless America in these challenging times and bring us world peace.

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  1. Art,

    Thanks so much! I am honored that you wrote about our hymn sing. You captured the spirit of that special worship service in this post. I had a wonderful time reading your fine recap.


  2. Art,
    Thanks for sharing this inspiration, and connecting with us so effectively as human to human. May God continue to bless you as you bless us!

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