I don’t ever want to do those things I ought to do
There’s always something new out there for me I swear it’s true
There’s something bigger or better or lovelier that I see
There’s always something more exciting out there just for me.

I find joy in acting, just for this moment, yes
You just might find me irresponsible, I guess
Still, ‘til my life is over and my final breath is spent
Let me keep on doing things that make me hypervent.

The above is something from my new poetry booklet titled “New Stuff From the Quill of Art Fettig”.

One thought on “Hyperventilation

  1. I’m re-reading your 1978 book, “Selling Lucky” . I don’t remember how I got it (possibly from the old Success Club presentations in the 1980’s in Grand Rapids at Devos Hall where I got to hear the late Og Mandino, General Schwartzkopf, Dick Butkus, Tony Robbins and many others over its 2 year run) but I kept it as a reference for the last 30 years with the intent to re-read it some day. Proud to see a local Michigan guy in those elite circles I guess, plus I like your humor.( I grew up in suburbs of Detroit, and have had an optometric practice in Muskegon for the last 36 years.)
    I had to laugh at the recommendation to own a basic cassette player and listen to tapes. I still have a variable speed player that can speed up slow delivery on tapes to almost double speed without sounding like the three Chipmunks, Alvin, Theodore, and Simon. Now most people are using DVDs, CD’s, Youtube or app’s on their smart phones broadcast with bluetooth through their car stereos in surround sound. The problem is the plethora of “tapes” of dubious content that waste our time with silly content or bad advice. I would much rather skim a written article in 5 minutes for interesting or useful content than listen to the full presentation in a half hour or 45 minute recorded presentation. Since I have a 6 minute drive to work, it’s hard to absorb much from those drawn out presentations, but until there is a safe self-driving car,it is hard to read for content while driving.
    Hope life is treating you well and glad to discover you are still alive and kicking.

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