I Just Want To Celebrate Another Decade Of Living

Art Fettig - Old Man and the CDOn July 5th I will be celebrating my 80th birthday with my family in Battle Creek, Michigan.  The big Eight Oh! I gave myself an early present, that is the publication of my new 324 page novel titled The Old Man and the CD. It is a story about this old coot who thinks he has everything but discovers that there is one thing that he wants that he does not have and that is a Hit Song.

He joins his blind buddy and together they put together The Double A Band and set out in search of a hit song.  Like the character in Hemmingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, he encounters many sharks and other challenges.

This entertaining  book comes with a CD of many of the songs that my buddy and I created. Some of these are rather weird loves songs such as, If I loved you any more you’d be my dog.  You’re the most pathetic person that I have ever met.  I never slept alone ’til I got married.

There are blues numbers, warm love songs, a song celebrating America and much more. We will make it available on my return from Michigan.

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