Ice Storm

IMG_5037_200We’ve been without electric power for almost 48 hours. It just kicked on and it sure is welcome. It was cold in our home last night. We bundled up in blankets and I found my long johns, pulled my heavy nightshirt out of my dresser drawer; put on two pairs of socks and added a quilt on the pile for good measure. Kevin, our son, came to the rescue and started our gas fireplace log, brought us a propane stove and a couple of boxes of BoJangles Fried Chicken to boot. Our yard looks like a disaster area after a major battle, with tree limbs fallen everywhere, especially on our decks. In the midst of all the trials, we took time to be thankful that though we are surrounded by all those trees dropping ice laden limbs, we had only 2 dents in the house gutters and NO damage to either car!

What did we learn? That we have an electric stove, electric furnace, electric hot water heater, electric computer, electric TV. When I went upstairs to my music room to play my drums and relieve some frustration, guess what? The music on our CD runs on electricity. When I tried to read in my favorite chair…no light. It might sound crazy but I’m actually happy that this happens every few years. It reminds me how blessed we are to live here in a home with so many conveniences. We have an old telephone that does not require electricity and we received calls about emergency shelters available and so many friends called with offers of aid if we needed it. And now the TV is blasting out the news. I’m able to forward my newsletter and very soon all will be right with the world.

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