If You Were Running

...crazy to run for a high office...

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that you were running for the high office of President of the United States?  Would you find yourself going “Daaa” or maybe you would discover a growing line up of unhappy women accusing you of improper behavior ten or twenty or maybe in my case sixty-five or more years ago.

Think of all of the unpleasant actions you committed in the past that you might have to come face to face with and all of the pressure situations such as debates that you would have to face. Imagine facing all of your past failings, indiscretions, failures.  And what about asking all your friends for money for your campaign?  Would you still have any friends after such an action?  Imagine having to come up with a billion dollars for your campaign without compromising every high ideal you ever held. If I woke up in that situation I know darn well that the first thing that I would do is find out how I might withdraw at the earliest moment.

Think of the people you have worked with in your lifetime; the romances you have had; all of those things that have happened in your lifetime that you would sooner forget. Think about the other members of your family and what might be on the early morning TV show, things that might smear the good name of your relatives too.

I honestly think you have to be crazy to run for a high office in this nation today.

Now tell me the truth, aren’t you happier about being who you are and where you are doing what you are doing now?  I sure am. They can take that job and shove it.

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  1. I honestly believe anyone with enough common sense to effectively do this job has enough common sense not to want it.

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