… in a single second half a dozen images change before our eyes.


Earlier this week I was talking with my Grand Daughter, Ali, who is now 22 and she had never seen nor ever heard of The Andy Griffith Show.  It has been on TV continuously for fifty years this week.  We have it here on , Channel 4 still every day.  Watching Mairead as I turned the channels I turned on the area where cartoons fester and I pulled one up and asked if she knew what a particular show was and she said, “No, and I do not want to know about it.” And I continued channel hopping until I found Sponge Bob.  That is the way kids think. Their curiosity is limited to the familiar.  Of course, advertising is a means on TV to make new things familiar.

I guess we encounter the same challenges when we try to introduce a new procedure or a new safety rule or some new process regulation.  “I don’t know it and I don’t want to know it,” could well be the attitude we are encountering and it is not a bad attitude or a good attitude, is simply is something that develops from facing a misery of choices in today’s world.

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  1. Dear Art,
    As a person who has been involved with construction and safety for over 26 years i can’t agree with you more about the attitudes encountered when dealing with changes in “old habits” but wait until these same people have to face the misery of an injury or death due to the “right”choices not being made, and the end result is often the survivors sifting through the rubble trying to make sense of it all, after the fact.

    Tim Medcalf
    Carolina Crane Inspections

    PS. I did pay attention to you ,Art while we were at Wheeling Pitt Steel years ago during a safety seminar.

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