… I was reminded of a conversation I had with Og many years ago.

I went to a yard sale and picked up a half a dozen Og Mandino books for just $3. I read five of them already and I was reminded of a conversation I had with Og many years ago.  I believe it was at his home and he had an open house for members of The National Speaker’s Assn. in Phoenix. I shared a thought I had with him and he encouraged me to do something with it.  Basically what I said was this, that in Og’s books and so many others the author starts out with a truly great truth on success.  You might write that idea or perhaps several other powerful such ideas down on a little card and you could give that card to an individual and say something like this, “Here on this little card are the rules of true success. Follow these little rules and you will find fame and fortune and untold happiness.”  Do you know what the person you gave that card would do? They would just throw it away or put it somewhere where they would forget about it.  Too simple.  But us authors take those powerful ideas and we write a wonderful story and in our story, somehow the principle character goes through an adventure and one by one these powerful principles disguised as secrets are revealed to him or her and when they act upon them they find happiness, health, great wealth, success or whatever they might be seeking.  Take The One Minute Manager, The Greatest Salesman in the World, make your own list of inspirational books and you might agree with me.  Everything we seek is there for the taking when we learn to believe.

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