Investing in Ourselves

...the best investment I ever made...

If you asked me what the best investment I ever made, I would have to say it was the $12 I paid to take the Christopher Leadership Course back in 1957.  It might have been $16 now that I think about it.  And maybe it was one night a week for six or was it eight nights including the competition?  Our leader was a Dale Carnegie instructor and I believe I received six books free and I won a nice pen one evening. Three of us competed in one of the sections and I came in a distant third. The winner could not speak English.  But I felt like a winner because I stood up and spoke.  When I started the course I could not lead a group in silent prayer.

The morning we graduated I went in and made my first outside speech.  It was in my bosses office and I asked him for a raise.  He gave me a $25 a month raise and that is somehow reflected in the pension checks I receive today. I sort of laugh when I hear some people say they do not take courses because their employer does not pay for such things.  It took a great deal of change in me before the results of that course  might be seen but every time I get up to give a speech, some of what I learned in those classes is apparent.  It changed my life.  What have I done lately in the way of continued education?  Well, I went alone to a local place called The Depot and I stood up at the open mike and did five minutes of comedy.  I had never done “Open mike” before and I knew only one fellow in the audience and I did not attend with him. I went along.  Never could have dared that without that course I took just fifty four years ago.
Is it time for you to make an investment in yourself?

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  1. Curious: What is/was a ‘Christopher Leadership Course’? I’m familiar with Dale Carnegie but not the Christopher course. In any case, indeed a great return on your investment Art!

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