Just A Nudge

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My daughter, Nancy, phoned today to say that she had been reading through the achieves of our newsletters and one article about how I called John Burdakin, the Vice President and then soon to be President of Grand Trunk Western Railroad and asked if he would come to Kalamazoo with me and visit our employee who had suffered triple amputations when some box cars rolled over his body. “He’s a tough guy and he is going to recover.” I explained to Mr. Burdakin. “Yes, I would love to visit him.” he responded and that visit was what was responsible for a major change in our safety program and soon GTW started winning national awards for their safety performance.

Nancy told me that what struck her about the story was that Mr. Burdakin was not some untouchable corporate figure at headquarters, he was a real person with compassion. All he needed was a nudge. Then she said that so often she hesitated when she thought of inviting someone to a meeting or an event and how life changing and important that invite, when she made it, turned out to be to her friends.

Sometimes all we need is a nudge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all made 2017 the year of the nudge where we all reach out to touch the lives of those around us in a positive way? Thanks Nancy, for the nudge.

2 thoughts on “Just A Nudge

  1. Hi Art,

    Happy New Year to you, Jean and your entire beautiful family.

    I look forward to every Monday morning for your thought provoking Monday Morning Memo. We are blessed to have met you at Nancy’s and Mike’s home a few years ago.

    Stay healthy, my friend, so you can continue your work for the LORD!

    Big Hugs,
    Dennis and Daneen

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