Just Tell Them Stories

So many times I have been asked how I could walk out in front of so many different sorts of audiences for so many years and win their favor. My answer generally is “I just tell them stories.” Of course, you have to pick the right stories and you have to tell them well. I used to have hundreds of different stories ready in my mind for when I called on them. Some were funny, some were enlightening and some were sad. Some stirred folks up for action, like selling better, teaching wiser, putting their hearts into some effort. Some stories were for celebration of particular callings, like being a great plumber, or doctor, or realtor or even a good lawyer.

Another thing that is necessary is that you really care about the people in that audience. They will know if you do or don’t. And all you have to do is stray from the truth when they know the truth and lose your integrity and you might as well chuck the whole thing over and go home a loser.

After nearly fifty years I am still trying to get better at what I do and I’m searching for new stories and just the right stories. I guess that is what keeps me living on. That eternal quest for something better.

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