Leaving A Trail

Whenever the President nominates someone for an important position in government the Senators get their bird dogs out and they start searching for any paper trail the candidate might have left to be exposed in hearings.  Just for the heck of it I went to the Internet to see just what kind of a paper trail I might have left behind in my career.  It wasn’t so bad. Lots of my books are offered used by others on Amazon.com. I found something on my receiving the Distinguished Service To Safety Award from the National Safety Council in 2002. There is an ad by a doctor specializing in weight loss where I gave him a testimonial that after one day at his Brain Washing session, in the next two months I managed to lose from 214 down to 176 pounds. Oh what I would give to do that again.  And there is a testimonial I wrote for The Christophers about taking their Leadership Course and how it changed my life.  One outfit offers a review of my book for just $20. The book itself only costs $10. Figure that one out.  I guess it is for people who have no opinions. A lot of agencies are offering my services as a speaker but if you go to them they recommend someone else.  Hmmm.  There are many references to this newsletter and to the SafetySmart Website. I write sometimes for their newsletter and they recently paid tribute to me as a safety pioneer. I figure that is better than a kick in the head.  There is a realtor who is selling e-books of two of my works without my permission.  Maybe he isn’t selling any houses. Who knows. One site had just one item, my Self-Esteem Credo with nice music behind it. And there is a reference to just a part of that same verse in a national teacher’s magazine. Half a dozen sites offer a quote or two by yours truly.  No bitter attacks.  No scandal.  No arrest reports or lawsuits or slander charges. I figure I got off pretty clean. I’m still safe.

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