Let it snow, Let it snow

SnowWednesday we had a snowfall of 10 inches and it was still snowing, 12 inches when it finally stopped.

My Mentor for many years was a wonderful man named Herb True, Ph.D. and Herb was becoming bald. He used to point to his balding head and say to audiences, “Now this might not look like a lot of hair to you but in a salad this is a lot of hair.” Likewise, to folks in Michigan or Minnesota 12 plus inches is not a lot of snow but to a fellow without a snow shovel in North Carolina at the bottom of a big steep hill, twelve inches looks like a mountain.

Here on Friday the sun is shining and we have temperatures expected to reach 48 degrees, and by Sunday to reach 61 degrees. So I am now singing the hit song from that great Broadway Musical Gypsy, “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”

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