Loving what you do

... loving what you do.

… loving what you do.

Somewhere I read a study that suggested that there is a direct relationship between loving what you do and doing your work in a truly professional manner. In other words, if you find that you do not love your job then perhaps it is time that you started doing your job to the best of your ability and then some. The catch in all of this is in that “and then some.” It you will make a mad effort to do whatever you do just a little bit better each day then, just maybe, in time you will become outstanding in your field. If you ignore my suggestion then you just might be out standing in the unemployment line looking for a job because as more and more American’s are learning, employers are becoming more and more demanding every year.

I used to clean latrines for a living. And I put in a twelve hour day washing dishes in a sweat shop. I mopped floors and peeled potatoes too. This was all a part of my Army experience and there were days that I would have reinlisted and agreed to do any of these jobs for twelve hours a day for an extra year if I could just get out of that mess in Korea alive. The good thing about surviving all of that bad stuff is that after that every day was a great day in a comparative way. If you find yourself complaining too much then just maybe you have had it too good. If so, look out.

I went to my eye doctor today and he suggested that I have cataract surgery on both eyes in the next few months. Driving home, just for a block or so I felt a little sorry for myself and then I thought about my friend Harold and another friend Greg and how they both lost their sight when they were infants. The doctor says that the surgery will take about ten minutes and in a short time I will be seeing much better than I do now. An inconvenience, sure, but how blessed I am living here just a few miles from Duke and UNC and some of the finest doctors in the world. Life is Good! Good! Good!

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