Selling Lucky

Selling Lucky

A friend of mine once told me that I was the luckiest person he knew because I managed to turn all of my hobbies and talents into a successful full time job. When I think about it I know my friend was right. I’ve said it before, since I went full time with professional speaking and writing I haven’t worked a day, it was all pleasure. Since I loved what I was doing I didn’t call it work but I sure did put in some long hours following that road. I have always chuckled inside when people come up to me and ask about how they might become a professional speaker. They wold see the fun I was having delivering a speech and somebody might tell them about the fees I was demanding and then visions of sugar plums would dance in their minds. “That is what I want to do.” They often say. Just work an hour a day and let the money roll in. Of course The speaking and the applause is just a tiny part of what I have done successfully for over 40 years now. What I don’t harp on is that it took me over twenty years of trial and failure before I finally got the ear of somebody that was in a position to help me get rolling with my talents. At one point in my speaking career I wrote a book titled Selling Lucky. Then I gave hundreds of presentations as Mr. Lucky, a guy in a green and white tuxedo. My business cards were Lucky Bucks. I wrote Lucky Selling Ideas for sales magazines. I had special music that went with my introduction. Mr. Lucky was my brand. My only problem was that I didn’t believe in just luck. I finally found a quote that was right for my way a thinking. it went, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” This quote is attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca. So I guess you might say that I spent over twenty years preparing and seeking out the opportunity and then those other opportunities I needed to suddenly become “Lucky.”

Let me ask you, What are you doing in your life right now in the way of preparation?

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